Department responsible for ensuring the results desired by our partners. JN Try Out offers speed in the approval of samples and tooling, consolidating the efficiency we have when delivering our products and services.

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– For the production of quality dies we offer the tryout sector for aluminum injection molds and grinding punches. With this we guarantee speed when approving samples and tools;
– For inspection of the samples we counted on 2 scanners of the Zeiss Comet brands

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In the Try Out department, we make available the Petransa injectors with a capacity of 420 tons and 1000 tons.


For the finishing of parts we count a Petransa burr press and a blasting cabinet.


Constant investments in technology! We have an optical emitting spectrometer that makes possible the control of the chemical composition of the materials in minutes, thus optimizing the control and quality process.

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See the complete catalog

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We are pleased to be a helping hand in the production lines of large brands in the market and fulfill the expectations and quality goals of every one of them.

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